Dr Sukkarieh

Modar “Mo” Sukkarieh

Boston Children's Hospital

Dr. Modar “Mo” Sukkarieh is currently a Fellow at the Boston Children’s Adolescent Substance Use and addiction Program (ASAP). He had finished his Residency in Pediatrics at the White Memorial Medical Center program in Los Angeles, during which time his interests became centered around building resilience in at-risk populations. After working in rural Pediatrics and Newborn Medicine for several years, he joined the Fellowship in Developmental/Behavior Pediatrics at Tufts Medical Center in 2016, with a focus on ADHD/Learning Disabilities and on Newborn-Maternal attachment, and continued to work in these fields at a private practice and in an academic newborn medicine setting. Dr. Sukkarieh eventually joined the ASAP program at Boston Children’s after recognizing the magnitude of the substance use epidemic in American youth.